Pretec, the inventor of i-Disk Tiny and i-Disk Diamond, has expanded the portfolio of the smallest USB flash Drive in the world by introducing the new i- Disk Charm.

Smallest USB flash Drive in the world

“(OMAMORI)” is a popular Japanese symbol of blessing good fortune for various purposes such as love, study, health, career, safety, and peace of mind, similar western symbol for good luck or the guardian of fortune is lucky charm. i- Disk Charm combines the convenience of the smallest USB Flash Drive in the world with the good luck blessings and wishes of Japanese stylish design, is believed to bring you good luck and convenient digital life as Charm/“(OMAMORI)” is useful to develop strong faith in goodwill. i-Disk Charm is intended to be a wonderful gadget in the premium and gift market especially to be used as an mobile phone accessory, it will let you emit a sense of “Store In Style”, and also bring you blessings and good luck wherever you go.

WOW! I’m so lucky today.

Inside the good fortune symbol, Pretec i-Disk Diamond is designed with a volume of merely 0.63 cm3, 40% smaller than a US quarter coin or about 1/10 of the size of a typical USB flash drive. It is capable of storing up to 1GB, enough for the entire pictures of your life for most people (about 10,000 digital photos).

Smallest USB flash Drive in the world

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