What do you think? You like a transparent Refrigerator, or a transparent washing machine? Of course you don’t like. :)

Me neither and fortunately in the below photos aren’t transparent home appliance. But then what are those pictures?

It is very simple: Panasonic (National or Matsushita Electric Industrial) start a promotion campaign to teach the consumer about new technology. So, in the pictures you can see demo machine from this campaign.

This Panasonic campaign will be in Tokyo and Osaka and promote 3 products: NA-VR1100 washing machine, CS-X series air conditioner and NR-F531T refrigerator.

Transparent home appliance

Transparent home appliance

Transparent home appliance

UPDATE: A lot of prestigious tech websites write about this news and tell us that these home appliance are transparent in commercial version :) (Gizmodo, Engaget, etc) very funny :)




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