Many crazy ideas were born in the name of the ecology. The last one is the digestive table by Amy M. Youngs. What mean that?
The idea is to put a bag with worms and bacteria under a table and after you eat discarding food leftovers in it. You think it is strange and disgusting? Read next, we have more about that.

digestive table

An LCD screen is built into table. Don’t think you can watch TV when eat. No way! The LCD is connected to an infrared security camera. Guess what! On the screen you can see the worms and bugs from bag! Enjoy your meal if you can!

digestive table
Look at this worm! It eat my leftovers!

LCD digestive table

A living ecosystem of worms, sow bugs and bacteria are invited to this table. They are a part of the digestive system that starts with a person discarding food leftovers and shredded paper into the portal at the top. The bacteria and sow bugs begin breaking down the waste and the worms soon join in to further digest it into rich compost that sprinkles out of the bottom of the fabric bag that hangs beneath the table. This compost is used as a fertilizer for plants, such as those at the base of the table.

Invite worms to lunch

Source: Amy M. Youngs

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