This alarm clock features a hand blown glass tube that fills with electricity when the alarm sounds. The buzzing of electric charges will certainly wake you from your slumber, while the clock will keep you on time and ready to go!

Lightning Alarm Clock
Fill your morning with lightning

Or maybe you prefer some magic in the early morning:

Magic Alarm Clock

From the magician Lubor Fiedler, comes the PHANTOM CLOCK displays an illusion which has puzzled even expert magicians! A ghostly hand appears to levitate a playing card in mid-air. Upon closer inspection one becomes even more mystified when it is realized that this trick is not done with glass nor mirrors and anything holding the card from behind would stop the pendulum! How is this done? The closer you look, the more puzzling the illusion becomes.


  • Classic ‘Grandfather clock’ design with swinging pendulum
  • Includes inner light, activate to bathe the illusion with an eerie glow
  • Perfect for mantle or Does, may also be wall-mounted
  • Operates on 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Created by famed Austrian illusionist, Lubor Fiedler
  • You can buy PHANTOM CLOCK from here

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