The holiday will be soon and maybe you want to make a trip in wild. If is so then you should be prepared for any crisis with some stuff and a good lantern. Because I like gadgets I recommend you two options:

Jeep Emergency TV with Lantern from

Jeep Emergency TV with Lantern


Jeep/Wilson JX-LTV Portable Lantern/Flashlight with 5″ B&W TV and AM/FM Radio
Jeep Emergency with Lantern

  • Heavy-duty, weather-resistant, rugged construction – just like a real Jeep
  • 5″ black and white TV
  • AM/FM/Weatherband backlit analog radio
  • Multi-position, twin tube fluorescent lantern
  • Also includes adjustable, removable flashlight
  • Built-in siren and emergency flasher
  • Reflective, X-style paneling for high visibility
  • Retractable grab handle and roll-bar design
  • Includes compass, thermometer and analog clock
  • Built-in, audible mosquito repellent
  • Powered by AC adapter, car cord or batteries
  • You can buy Jeep Emergency TV with Lantern from


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