The Congress Palace in Bologna (Italy) uses Cayin Technology digital signage solution to offer a flexible information platform for congress’ participants and visitors.


This platform is used to convey useful information and targeted advertising to both visitors and congress’ participants.

10 SMP-WEB players and 2 CMS-MINI servers are used together with large plasma displays of 42” and 50”. Those screens are positioned at the reception, in conference rooms and in the congress cafeteria to deliver live information about hosting companies, meeting schedules and rooms usage. Due to the limited capacity of the auditorium, the platform is also used to transmit live streaming video from the main auditorium to other conference rooms to increase the number of viewers.
SMP-WEB is a scalable web-based networked digital signage system. It allows event hosting companies to display a variety of multimedia content, including HTML, Macromedia Flash, videos, animation, texts, and pictures without limitations in terms of number of area on the display. They can also display live content from a URL, PHP/ASP pages (from web server) and off-line web pages (from the player).
SMP-WEB can be deployed either as a networked standalone solution (without server) or under a networked server-client structure, incorporated with Cayin’s CMS Server or web servers. With CMS server, administrators can centrally and remotely manage all SMP players located at different locations. CMS server offers automatic content updates, scheduling playlists, player group management, and live streaming video capabilities.

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