The Drive Alert Master II works like a splash of cold water in the middle of the night. You’re behind the wheel late at night after a long day. Your eyes begin to grow heavy as oncoming headlights lull you into a state of drowsiness. And then without warning you fall asleep at the wheel. Luckily this scenario doesn’t have to end in tragedy as so often happens. That’s because the Drive Alert will help keep you awake until you arrive safely at your destination.

Drive Alert Master II
Beeep! Wake up! Wake up! Boo!

When you begin to doze off and your head slumps forward, the Drive Alert will emit a LOUD, powerful BEEPING sound to wake you up… Just please don’t be very scared. The danger is to die by heart attack …

You can buy it from
or you can simply ask your girlfriend to call you from 5 in 5 minutes.

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