Nowadays our children are computer addicted (like us, of course). So Microsoft uses that, Santa and Christmas to grow the Windows Live Messenger market share.
Microsoft launches a free service for Windows Live Messenger with Santa Claus in foreground.

Using Windows Live Messenger, parents can spend time with their kids chatting in real time with Santa online. They can simply add Santa’s address,, to their Windows Live Messenger contact list and instantly open a conversation window to communicate with Saint Nick.

Kids will enjoy immediate responses from the jolly big man himself through an interactive online chat, and they can even visit Santa’s page on Windows Live Spaces at . Filling Santa in on Christmas wishes and asking all about how the reindeer are doing or what’s new at the North Pole are a few of the things kids can talk to Santa about. Santa can even tell kids where they stand on his list: naughty or nice.

Starting Christmas Eve morning, kids can check in with Santa through Windows Live Messenger to follow his journey around the world. As Santa circles the globe delivering gifts, kids who ask him where he is or when he will arrive at their house will be directed to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Santa-tracking site through a link in the conversation window.

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