This is a telephone for [tag]pranks[/tag]. It will change your voice to a female or male voice. For example you can call your wife and put the phone on female voice. Tell her that you are your secretary: “I’m pregnant with your husband. Please give me a solution”. Come home late in the night and the fun can start! :)

Defender Voice Changing Telephone

The product description come with very interesting suggestions for how to use the [tag]phone[/tag]:

* Deter the mobsters with bad intentions from entering the house by receiving phone to change the voice of children, old people, and those people who stay alone at home and with low capability to counteraction.
* Effectively prevent nuisance calls by changing your own voice while talking with the opposites.
* For some calls that you don’t want to receive but maybe you should receive, firstly you can change your voice in order to confirm the opposites’ identity and then return back in your own voice in case you will feel embarrassed.
* If you are a business man, you can change your voice to talk with the opposites about the quoted price to see if they treat you in the same manner, so that you can avoid the unnecessary loss.
* To confirm whether your lover have an affair or not, you can change your voice(To a female or male voice) to talk with your lover in order to know more information about him\her.
* If you don’t want to make an apology to someone or talk with somebody face to face, you can use this telephone to help you out.
* You can use this telephone to engage in merry mailing and jolting with you relatives and friends You can find more funs if you explore it’s functions further and it will bring the unexpected help to your work and life. When occasion calls for it, use it wisely.

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