The average person spends 11,862 hours in the bathroom — which equals one year, four months and five days — in a lifetime.

It’s amazing the crapper, or as some say, “the toilet,” has evolved so little since the Romans invented the latrine in 2500 B.C., with the most significant advance happening when Albert Giblin, an employee of Thomas Crapper, perfected an effective flush toilet in 1898.


Pimped out John
This amazing commode is fully loaded with the following “luxury enhancements”:

Philips™ 20-inch LCD TV and Star Wars DVD
Xbox™ 360 gaming system
Philips™ DVD player
Gateway® EMachine™ laptop computer with fully articulated robot arm
iPod™ with stereo docking station equipped with toilet paper dispenser
Roto-Rooter “emergency” button
Tivo™ recorder
Avanti™ refrigerator with beer tap, stocked with drinks and snacks
Magazine rack and subscriptions to Sports Illustrated, ESPN and GQ
Bike pedal exerciser

If you don’t afford a Roto-Rooter toilet you can try to build one:


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