Brain Trainer helps you stay mentally fit by stimulating your brain.

Brain Trainer

The human brain is the most complex structure in the known universe but so many of us take it so much for granted that we never realize a fraction of its true potential. And as we grow older, even the parts of it we do use function less efficiently than they did in our youth. Unless, that is, we exercise them. The Brain Trainer, the ingenious invention of a celebrated Japanese neuroscientist, Dr. Tyuta Kawashima (known also from Nintendo’s popular Brain Age game on the Nintendo DS), is a way of staying mentally alert by stimulating the brain – specifically the frontal cortex, that part of the brian which controls creativity, memory and communication, among other things.
Activities consist of several numerical Tests, Counting Test, Focus Test and Memory Test – in which you are challenged to add/subtract/multiply as fast as you can, count as fast as you can, to add a series of numbers sequentially, and to memorize and recall as many numbers as possible. The Brain Trainer will monitor your progress by logging your score and time for each session. There is clear evidence that this type of training makes you more mentally alert and able to remember things.


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