[tag]Stefan Didak system[/tag]: Let’s see possible scenery: he works in a dealer shop (maybe he is the owner). Setup the office from various products from the stock (maybe he just have a order for few servers). Put a lot of LCD, computers, etc, etc. Take photos, write some words and build a web site full of [tag]adsense[/tag]. Spread the word on the internet (thanks digg for this and other hundreds of website) and money can come now!

Stefan Didak system

Stefan, don’t take personally but this is IMHO. Nobody build this office without a serious reason unless the computer parts are in some way free… And come on, so powerful systems and your website is down after was [tag]digg[/tag]! Too strange for me….

Stefan Didak website is down

UPDATE: [tag]Stefan Didak[/tag] post a comment and now the issue is clear for me 😉

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