Besides a cellular phone, an [tag]mp3 player[/tag], headphones, a microphone and a water-tight and impact-resistant sleeve keypad as well as an emergency call button, all the electronics have been integrated for a terminal that is referred to as a “GPS eye,” which is used for determining and transmitting positional data that is used particularly for determining the location of people. In this way, it is not only possible to determine the location of the jacket’s wearer with GPS accuracy, but it is also possible for GPSoverIP to even enable real-time determination of the person’s location within a building. Compared to conventional solutions that are not integrated into garments, the integration of the active [tag]GPS[/tag] antenna into the epaulette on the jacket’s shoulder always ensures optimum reception of [tag]GPS signals[/tag]. Areas of application for the Know Where solution are nearly unlimited and range from luxury, entertainment and leisure applications (climbing or biking in the mountains, sailing, etc.) to safety and medical device [tag]technology[/tag], and extend to applications in traffic and logistics.



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