Dream-Build-Play is a global contest that offers aspiring game developers the opportunity to showcase their innovation and talent to the world. More than 20 winners will be selected to win fantastic prizes with a total value of more than $40,000 from Microsoft, Alienware, AMD, Autodesk Inc. and Softimage Co.

Dream-Build-Play XNA Contest Offers $10,000 Grand Prize

Dream-Build-Play XNA Contest Offers $10,000 Grand Prize

The contest will culminate in $10,000 Grand Prize that includes an opportunity for the winner to receive an Xbox LIVE Arcade publishing contract, providing a chance to showcase the winner’s game on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Dream-Build-Play is open to any user of XNA Game Studio Express, including the GarageGames Torque X platform. The best of all no purchase is necessary to compete because all software tools can be downloaded for free. The contest ends July 2, 2007, and winners will be announced Aug. 13 at Microsoft Gamefest 2007 in Seattle.

Warm-Up Challenge – Relatives of Spacewar
Create a game based on the Spacewar Starter Kit— either the Spacewar codebase or content, or both. The only requirement: Your game must be derived from the version of Spacewar that’s a part of XNA Game Studio Express. Use as much or as little of the Spacewar Starter Kit as you like. Just remember that the relationship to the Spacewar Starter Kit must be obvious to our judges.

1. Register
Before you do anything else, sign up for the Dream-Build-Play Challenge.

2. Get the tools

* XNA Game Studio Express is a free download, and has everything you need to bring your game to life.
* You can also use Torque X tools and technology from GarageGames built with the XNA Game Studio Express platform. These tools are helpful, but optional.
* The XNA Developer Center homepage provides more information about the software.

3. Build your game
Using the tools above, build your game for Windows or Xbox 360*. Be imaginative. Be original. And be sure to review the judging criteria below.

Judging criteria
Entries will be evaluated using these three criteria:

* Innovation (40%) – Push your creative and technical limits
* Fun Factor (40%) – Hook our judges with exciting, entertaining action
* Production Quality (20%) – Make your game world as polished as possible

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