[tag]YouGamers[/tag] just publish a review of [tag]Silverfall[/tag] for PC. They tested it with various different PCs, ranging from low end models all the way to high end gaming rigs and report how the game scales across hardware.

“Ever since the [tag]Diablo[/tag] series redefined the action [tag]RPG[/tag]s, there have been plenty of takers for the crown. The [tag]Dungeon Siege[/tag] titles were pretty impressive and Titan Quest (and it’s recently released expansion) is also a good contender for the throne; some might also count the Neverwinter Nights series to the same genre. Silverfall is definitely one of the more action-oriented hack-and-slash adventures, but with just a teeny bit more story to follow than the usual.”

Silverfall review

YouGamers conclusion:

While Silverfall doesn’t offer anything exactly groundbreaking, one must admit that the whole package works, at least if you enjoy action-packed monster bashing adventures of this type. While some of the design decisions by the developers are a bit counterintuitive or just plain odd (the lack of easily customizable keyboard layout is inexcusable), there is nothing fundamentally wrong with Silverfall.

While Silverfall sure isn’t a Diablo Killer or anything like that, it looks great and plays reasonably well, and there is plenty of things to chop up while following the nice story. Cooperative [tag]multiplayer[/tag] is also a blast with couple of friends, even if you are limited to a fixed team of players if you wish to play the main storyline in multiplayer.

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