For high-capacity required user, CREMAX provide MB453/454/455 series internal multi drive module for SATA II HDD, and MB561/559 series external drive enclosure. Simple, elegantly designed storage drive rack with removable drive tray shows parallel features with these two series, it wish you a better application environment for huge data storage with several hard disks, exchanging drives is now virtually hassle free.

ICY DOCK Multi Bay Internal or External Drive Enclosure for SATA HDD

The internal multi drive module suitable for storage drives expansion to PC, HDD management to server, storage system with high-capacity data, RAID features. ICY DOCK products has passed the support test with RAID CARD products which from big plant, including Areca, PROMISE, High Point, Adaptec, Tekram, 3ware etc.. User may save more money through choosing these kinds of peripheral products.

Product Features

(MB453/454/455 Series):

* Drive Fit : 3/4/5 x 3.5″ Hot Swappable SATA I or II / MB453IPF: 3 x 3.5” SAS Hard Drive
* Device Fit : 2/3/3 x 5.25″ device bays
* Internal drive security, exchangeability, expandability and maintenance capabilities
* Compact and space saving for multiple drive fit
* Durable aluminum built cooling
* Huge warm air outtake fan cooling that’s detachable
* Advanced drive monitoring system built internally w/ visual & audio indicators

(MB561 Series)

* SATA II External enclosure with 4 removable 3.5” HDD rack, backplane with 4 e-SATA / 1 e-SATA + USB2.0 ports.
* Includes a 200W Open Frame Power Supply
* White LED light for power and continuous blinking white LED light for HDD access
* Rubber padded soles for scratch protection
* Removable cooling fan for easy maintenance
* Mac mini design concept.
* Aluminum alloy body covering with distinctive design and protection
* With shock absorption design making the HDD stable while in operations.

ICY DOCK Multi Bay Internal or External Drive Enclosure for SATA HDD

(MB559 Series)

* Host : USB 2.0 + e-SATA / Firewire400 + USB 2.0 / Firewire800 + USB2.0 combo
* Drive Fit : Hot Swappable 1 x 3.5″ SATA I or II
* Multi-drive exchangeability & maintenance capabilities with simple removal of drive tray
* Fan-less operation with aluminum body cooling & protection plus fine mirror finish exterior
* Horizontal/Vertical positioning options with extendable foot stands for vertical lay
* Built in security slot for security cable kit.

ICY DOCK Multi Bay Internal or External Drive Enclosure for SATA HDD

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