Do you search for a web cam for your notebook? USB Mino Cam look nice and $20.00 isn’t too expensive.

USB Mino Cam

# Features: 1/4 inch CMOS sensor (VGA)
# Camera Lens: 4.5mm/f2.4, fixed 70cm Lens
# Frame Rate: CIF/VGA 25 – 30fps
# 1.3Mega/480K Pixels USB 2.0 High Speed Webcam
# LED indicator
# Snap shot trigger button
# Capable to be lengthened and shortened on any angles
# Retractable USB cable
# Dimensions: 90 x 15 x 12mm
# Weight: 32gm

Product page: 5/10. I like the retractable USB cable system but a notebook with webcam is a better solution

USB Mino Cam

Product page

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