Fiercely beautiful, the Evil Queen has reached an age where her radiance is fading. Insanely jealous of her lovely young stepdaughter, the Queen forces her to work as a scullery maid in the hope that drudgery will tarnish the girl’s blossoming beauty. When the Magic Mirror reveals that Snow White has finally become “more fair than thee,” she plots the girl’s death in a rage so twisted that she’s eventually willing to sacrifice her own beauty to destroy Snow White’s. She uses witchcraft to transform herself into a hunchbacked old peddler and succeeds in persuading the naive girl to accept her poisoned apple. Unknowingly, however, she’s wrought the means of her own demise. For, though her disguise serves the terrible deed, that same feeble body will hinder her escape. Featuring the Queen poised next to her faithful Magic Mirror.

Disney Villains Tape Dispenser

PCNews Verdict: 7/10. My daughter: Daddy! I run out the tape. Again!

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