Closed, crowded environments such as airplane cabins, commuter trains, subways or sealed offices often have stale, contaminated air that makes breathing uncomfortable. But now you can create your own “personal clean-air comfort zone” with an Ionic Breeze Personal Air Purifier and breathe fresher air wherever you are! This small, discreet, portable air cleaner is worn with a neck strap — like a binocular or disc player — and silently moves the air without any fan. Patented Zenion Effect electronic circulation and electrostatically charged collectors help remove and trap airborne irritants like smoke and dust.

Ionic Breeze Personal Air Purifier

PCNews Verdict:7/10. Pollution is a big problem and I like the idea to have fresh air in train. But I wonder if I look stupid with it hang on my neck.

Ionic Breeze Personal Air Purifier product page

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