Ahoy, thee young landlocked lubber! Under thee island sands ye be findin’ buried treasure. . .pieces o’ gold (a great, grand booty, untold loot.) Take me word, not all ye treasure be good. Bewar’ o’ creepy crawlies and dangar lyin’ ’bout! Yo, ho, ho! Dig up Pirate Treasure in this excavation Adventure! Use real steel hammer and chisel tools to unearth rock island pirate treasure. A bounty of treasure and fun terror awaits ye, me hearty! Young swashbucklers love the pirate facts and fun activites included in the high-interest book. Pirate Island Kit Rock island packed with pirate treasure! Treasure inside varies with each kit (May include coins, jewels, creepy crawlies, etc)

I DIG Treasures Curse of Pirate Island Excavation Adventure


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