A catapult is any siege engine which uses an arm to hurl a projectile a great distance, though the term is generally understood to mean medieval siege weapons. The name is derived from the Greek κατά (against) and βαλλεῖν (to hurl (a missile)). (An alternate derivation is from the Greek “katapeltes” meaning “shield piercer,” kata (pierce) and pelta (small shield)). Originally, “catapult” referred to a dart-thrower, while “ballista” referred to a stone-thrower, but the two terms swapped meaning sometime in the fourth century AD. (Wikipedia definition)

You can use this wired toy to launch tiny plastic pigs through the air. The producers tell us that can be funny. We still don’t find funny at all. Also, they tell that this is “a great gift for anyone that loves pigs and farm animals”!!! What?!? If I love animals I don’t want to put them in a catapult.

Launch tiny pigs in the air

PCNews Vedict: 3/10. How can this catapult be funny?

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