Panasonic announced today that the company will globally introduce Write-Once Blu-ray Discs (BD-R) with 4x writing speed.

Write-Once Blu-ray Discs

The new discs will be available in both 25GB and 50GB, which will be introduced in the market this July and September respectively.

LM-BR25LDE Write once, 25GB, Single-Sided, Single July, 2007
LM-BR50LDE Write once, 50GB, Single-Sided, Dual September, 2007

In conjunction with the launch of 4x BD drives, the new discs have the capability of 4x speed writing and reading, allowing users to handle large amount of data or High Definition content with greater convenience. Panasonic is the first company to announce the market introduction of 4x BD-R Discs.

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