This device is pretty cool! The policemen will be smarter now.

Watch this movie flash to see more details about it.

Dictionar pentru politistii

SpeechGuard is a bank of phrases to serve the needs of typical users in various typical situations. SpeechGuard can store in its memory more than 3000 phrases and their translations into up to 25 languages. You can select the target language in the Setup menu and then all you do is find a phrase appropriate to the situation. SpeechGuard will produce both the spoken and the written versions of the phrase in the target language.

All phrases in SpeechGuard’s memory are divided into Topics.

There are three ways to choose the phrase you need in a particular topic:

1. Manually – by selecting a phrase from the list. In this case you just navigate through the topic structure using touch screen or hardware buttons. It’s also a useful way to familiarize yourself with the content.
2. Using the search function. To get the phrase you need more quickly you just type a key-word and all phrases containing this key-word will appear on screen.
3. Using voice function. Say a phrase into a built-in microphone in English and SpeechGuard will recognize it and produce its spoken version in the target language. This is the fastest way to get the phrase you want.

Are available 4 kind of SpeechGuard:

Law Enforcement SpeechGuard

Medical SpeechGuard (MD-5)

Military SpeechGuard (GI-5)

Transportation Security SpeechGuard (HS-5)


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