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Swans 2.3 HT Flagship Home Theater System

Swans 2.3F: Uses 20pcs of 28mm dome tweeter and 20pcs of RT1.3 on the front baffle, 12pcs of 28mm dome tweeter and 12pcs of RT1.3 mounted to the rear of the baffle. The drivers are arranged in a Front/Back linear sound source system. The mid-range uses HiVi professional 6” full range drivers and the Swans 2.3 Sub uses a large professional 15” driver.

Swans 2.3C: Uses many of the same drivers used in the Swans 2.3F to preserve tonal uniformity across the front sound field, including the RT1.3 Isodynamic ribbon tweeter, 28mm dome tweeter, and 4 6” mid-low frequency drivers.

Swans 2.3R: A Bi-pole system, adopting 2 6” mid-low frequency drivers, 2 28mm dome tweeters, and 4 RT1.3 Isodynamic ribbon ultra tweeters.

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