virtual-hideout just publish a new review: Antec Sonata III ATX Enclosure Review. The conclusions are:

For a third generation case, I would have expected just a little bit more in the way of convenience in this new world of tool-less installation. One other minor gripe is that only one 120mm fan is included with the Sonata III. There is plenty of room to add another fan behind the bezel, but unfortunately there are no mounting holes for a fan. The HDD and power LED’s are the same color; some people might not like that, so here is a tip from your Uncle Sludge: the LED that is flashing is for the hard drive.

The front bezel is smooth and clean, and the IEEE plug has been replaced with a eSATA plug. The TriCool fan kept the case temperatures in check no matter what speed was set, but I would like to see an additional fan. Now for the noise: the panel design keeps the noise to a minimum and it did this well. The fan and hard drive noises were contained and the silent series lives up to its name. The bottom line is: the Sonata III would make an excellent enclosure for someone needing to build a new system and needed a PSU.

Antec Sonata III ATX Enclosure Review


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