Tweaktown just publish a review for GIGABYTE P35T-DQ6 (DDR3) motherboard.

In the introduction Tweaktown write about this MB: GIGABYTE’s DQ6 series of motherboards is their crème de la crème. Compared to the ASUS line-up, DQ6 is like the ASUS ROG series, no expense is spared. The box certainly demonstrates this. The package is huge, similar in size to the ASUS ROG boards packaging.


Tweaktown’ conclusions are: Q6 series is definitely the ultimate for the overlockers out there. The P35T, while being a slight upgrade to the original P35 DQ6 it has totally changed the way this board runs.. Interesting conclusion for DDR3, too: DDR3 memory has allowed for higher clock speeds on the FSB, no more memory bandwidth bottlenecks.


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