Today, our friends from Tweaktown tell us that they just publish a review for Xonar D2, first ASUS sound card. We read it and we like it.

“With a signal to noise ratio of 118db, on top of impressive THD and FR figures ASUS are starting out strong on paper. Sample rates are there too with the Xonar offering a healthy 192KHz over `just` 96KHz from the flagship card from Creative. .”

ASUS Xonar D2

While I did find gaming performance to be of a high quality whatever the situation when using the Xonar, I simply cannot recommend it over one of the latest evolutions from Creative when it comes to the hardcore gamers, because the support simply is not there, and won’t be any time soon if Creative continue to lead the way in 3D algorithms with their in-house EAX still remaining the standard of choice for most developers.

Tweaktown conclusion: It must also be made clear that there are cheaper options out there for gamers or movie buffs etc. who don’t wish to do it all and maybe are only light users, but someone wishing to buy one sound card that will theoretically handle all their audio requirements for years to come should make the Xonar a serious consideration.

Link to review

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