The bizhubs C30P and C10P C10P from Konica Minolta serve their purpose just as effectively whether they are used as additional network printers within a printing infrastructure or as individual workstation printers.

Konica Minolta C30P and C10P

Options such as duplex printing, an extended paper supply and finishing capabilities, as well as a fast print speed of 30 colour and 35 black-and-white pages per minute turn the bizhub C30P into a real workgroup printer. The device is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux and therefore suitable for every printing environment, helping to prevent bottlenecks during busy periods. For internally used documents, the bizhub C30P offers the draft print mode which is a real cost saver as it reduces toner consumption by up to 50 percent, with all text remaining perfectly legible. Simitri HD polymerised toner is used in the bizhub C30P to guarantee an excellent image quality with enhanced picture detail and smooth colour gradations.

The bizhub C10P produces five colour pages and 20 black-and-white pages per minute and is an ideal output device for individual users or small teams. The bizhub C10P is equipped with full network capabilities, including Windows, Mac or Linux environments, but it is also ideal as desktop printer for single work stations. Thanks to Simitri toner the bizhub C10P delivers top-quality print consistently due to eAIDC (enhanced Automatic Image Density Control), an automatic calibration technology ensuring consistent quality.

The bizhubs C30P and C10P integrate seamlessly into any network. Thanks to Ethernet and high-speed USB (2.0), connectivity is straightforward and efficient. Emperon Controller Technology and PageScope Suite, are also used in the bizhub multifunctional devices, providing easy printer management and monitoring. Additionally, both new printers produce black-and-white b/w and colour prints of superior quality utilising 600 x 600 x 4-bit PhotoART-9600 contone technology, equaling 9600 dpi resolution. A range of options are available, such as additional paper trays and duplex units as well as a finisher for the bizhub C30P.

PCNews Verdict: 8/10
35 black-and-white pages per minute sounds good for me.

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