The iPod touch features Apple’s revolutionary multi-touch user interface (first introduced on iPhone) that enables you to find and enjoy all of your music, videos, and more on its gorgeous widescreen display with just the touch of a finger.

So instead of a Click Wheel, you just use your fingers to flick through your music, photos, and video. Two fingers can be used in a pinching or spreading motion as well, which zooms in and out of photos and web pages. iPod touch is the first iPod to offer web access. It does this via built-in Wi-Fi support.

Apple 8 GB iPod Touch

Apple 8 GB iPod Touch

iPod TouchApple 8 GB iPod

PCNews Verdict: 10/10
It is an amazing mp3 player… I wonder if may I say “mp3 player”. It is more than a mp3 player, it is Apple 8 GB iPod Touch.

Gold Award

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