To review hardware we need software tools. Futuremark is our favorite benchmark maker and today we are happy to tell you that Futuremark announced the release of PCMark Vantage> This isthe first objective hardware performance benchmark for PCs running 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows Vista. Great for testing notebooks with Vista 😉

PCMark Vantage provides an overall PCMark performance score based on Windows Vista application tests, single and multi threaded CPU, graphics and hard disk drive (HDD) tests. PCMark Vantage set its focus to generating accurate performance ratings based on popular Windows Vista Consumer Scenarios ranging from media and entertainment to productivity and communication.

PCMark Vantage includes eight distinct test suites; six that provide targeted hardware scores based on typical user scenarios, plus a HDD test set and an overall PCMark performance test score. Consumer Scenario Suites include the Memories Suite for digital image and video applications, the TV and Movies Suite for HD video task applications, the Gaming Suite for game (DirectX9) graphics performance, the Music Suite for audio task applications, and the Communications and Productivity Suites for gauging performance of searching, security tasks, application launch, browser functionality and word processing. Each test suite generates performance scores that replicate real-world system performance for the applications selected.


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