Bootdaily break the NDA with NVIDIA and publish a GeForce 8800GT review. The first impresion is that NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT does define the perfect balance of performance, power consumption and price

NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT

NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT review

The guys from Bootdaily conclusion:

Its price, performance and power use make the GTX look like a relic. Moving to the 65nm process has really paid some nice dividends for both NVIDIA and those whom are seeking the best graphic card out right now. Some may rag on the 8800GT since it doesn’t have DX10.1 support but until we know of a game that’s worth buying which supports 10.1, We certainly wouldn’t worry to much about it and at this point would far from consider it to be a deal-breaker at all.

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