Transcend unveil 4GB JetFlash V90 “Classic” keychain USB flash drive. It features a distinctive metallic swirl pattern that appears to move when light catches it at different angles. Although delicate in appearance, this miniature flash drive’s shiny metal casing offers solid protection for your valuable data.

JetFlash V90C

JetFlash V90C measures only 33.8 mm long by 13.1 mm wide, and is just 4.5 mm thick. Incredibly tiny and lightweight (7g), the sleek JetFlash V90C comes bundled with JetFlash elite data management tools that run directly from the JetFlash without having to install any software on your PC, so you can use them on any computer you plug your V90C into. JetFlash elite lets you use your V90C as a key to automatically log on to all your website accounts, or to lock your computer when you’re away. It also lets you browse the Internet and check your email from any compatible computer with Mobile Email and Internet Favorites.

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