I read about this lithbulb with remote on random good stuff and geekalerts and I was thinking “if my friends think this is interesting maybe really it is”. So I decide to add it for today.

The Multi-Color LED Lightbulb is a super bright LED bulb that can transition through dozens of color and brightness combinations and is compatible with a standard lightbulb socket. The included IR remote can select an individual color or brightness level or choose one of four different transition effects.

Multi-Color LED Lightbulb


  • IR remote can turn bulb on/off and adjust colors, transitions, brightness levels
  • 4 transition effects – flash, strobe, fade, smooth
  • Access to 16 specific colors (including White, Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple)
  • Fits into a standard lightbulb socket
  • Dimensions: 4×2 inch
  • Link: ThinkGeek.com

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