Virtual-Hideout just publish a new review: Cooler Master CM 690 was tested and approved by Virtual-Hideout editors. They write in article:

The exterior of the CM690 is black with a mesh front bezel. The bezel is the area I start with when doing my overview of the exterior. The bezel, like I said, is made up of steel mesh from top to bottom, including the five 5.25″ bay covers. Behind the lower portion of the bezel is the intake fan. The Power/Reset buttons are on the right side of the bezel and on the curved portion. The curved areas are beveled on a 45° angle and give the case a wider appearance.

Cooler Master CM 690 Review

Virtual-Hideout conclusion in the end of the article is:

The CM690 is a simple, yet stylish-looking, enclosure with the mesh top and front, and chrome highlights. Three distinct things I like on the CM690 are the shape and location of the Power/Rest buttons, the cable management system, and the ability to add a fan to cool the back side of the CPU socket. The only real drawback to this enclosure is the weight.

Cooler Master CM 690 Review


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