Pharos PDR-140 All in One Portable GPS with 4 Inch Screen isn’t a new GPS but the price just drop from $349.99 to $149.99 at CompUSA

Pharos PDR-140

Pharos PDR-140 All in One Portable GPS with 4″ color display and preloaded maps of the U.S. and Canada combines street-level GPS navigation with hands free, Bluetooth calling capability and MP3, photo viewing and video playing.

GPS signals are acquired with the SiRFstarIII and music files as well as video files can be heard in full sound when connected to a vehicles sound system via the speaker outlet jack on the 140.

Navigation solutions are powered by Pharos‘ “OSTIA” software, which offers an easy to use interface for rapid input of addresses and output of driving directions. OSTIA also allows for customization of the device, where users have the option to select from five different languages, choose how they wish to have their route calculated and also decide if they wishto view their route in a “heading up” or “north up” manner.


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