Hello Kitty: Warm/Cold Water Dispenser
Serves only 10 Glasses

$199USD PC
This is a Linux machine…

Asus Eee PC 8G to sports 10-inch display
The next generation of Asus Eee PC will have a larger display and larger storage

Big Screen Gaming at a Reasonable Price
Portable Gaming Projector

ASUS Ecobook
The Ecobook is covered with smooth strips of bamboo.

Portable Voice Stress Analyzer
Paranoia Goes Mobile

Seagate Accidentally Shipped 1,800 Trojan-Horse Tainted Drives
Roughly 1,800 external drives manufactured by Seagate were infected with a Trojan horse virus that sent personal information back to China

The Robot Guitar you Play
World’s first guitar with built-in robotics.

Gadgets and Humor

Bluetooth-Enabled Skateboard?
GroundSurf is a three-wheeled board that you ride on the streets, is powered by an electric motor and has its speed controlled through a Bluetooth enabled cellular phone

The Web 2.0 T Shirt
T shirt which has a list of 79 social networking sites in coloured tick boxes

Ornaments tree with swarovski
Made of hand-blown glass and adorned with Swarovski crystal.

Computer Memories Photo Frame
It is DDR2?

Sony Ericsson W910i phones recalled by Orange
It switch off after 10 seconds and its also not answering calls.

Wacky tripods
If ninjas took photos, they’d use these

LG to showcase its latest products in Asian market
LG Electronics is showcasing its latest products and future technologies for the Asian market at GSMA Mobile Asia Congress in Macau from November 12 through 15.

‘Burnout’ Trailer Live
Check out the trailer.

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