Tweak Town manage to make an ASUS Radeon HD 3870 review.

ASUS Radeon HD 3870 review

ASUS Radeon HD 3870 3dmark

Tweak Town conclusion is “the Radeon HD 3870 is good but it’s not fantastic.”. Surprising for me Shane Baxtor write in the end of the article: Personally I would probably almost opt for the 3870 for a few reasons we have already mentioned – the noise level is great, the 8800GT is really just a loud and hence annoying card. What? 8800GT is better in terms of the performance and Radeon HD 3870 is almost similar with 2900XT 512MB…

Tweak Town ask in the beginning of article: “Are NVIDIA in trouble?”. After we read the review we can tell you: No, NVIDIA is still the king.


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