Transcend announces its new high capacity 250GB StoreJet 2.5 SATA portable hard drive. The StoreJet 2.5 is compact and features a stylishly designed polished aluminum case with contoured edges.

StoreJet 2.5 SATA HDD features a convenient “OneTouch” Auto-Backup button, and comes bundled with Transcend’s own StoreJet 2.0 software which offers intelligent backup scheduling, security, and power saving functions.

Transcend Unveils 250GB StoreJet

StoreJet 2.5 uses a high-speed USB 2.0 interface, which provides data transfer rates up to 480Mbits per second while offering the convenience of plug and play. Hiding inside the StoreJet’s streamlined shell is a modern, high-capacity 250GB SATA HDD. Due to its faster throughput and efficient operation, SATA is quickly becoming the standard interface for modern mainstream hard drives. The StoreJet 2.5’s internal SATA interface ensures future-proof compatibility, in case users feel the need to upgrade the internal hard drive later on.