No, is not a mistake in the headline. The name of the card is deliberately misspell it by Albatron marketing team.

Tweaktown make a review of this card and bring some light to this issue:

This Blue Ray Decoder Card is basically just a poor performing video card with HD processing capabilities.

Blue Ray Decoder Card review

This is the box! Wow, you might thinking, a Blu-Ray decoder!

Blue Ray Decoder Card

:( Disappointing after you open it: just a 8500GT video card… and a 8500GT card is slower than HD 2600 PRO

Tweaktown conclusions:

Straight away there are a few things I would have done to make the card better. Firstly I would’ve dropped the active cooling instantly. It shouldn’t have been included on the card. We also would have included a HDMI cable in the bundle to give it a bit more “Decoder Card” instead of Graphics Card feel. On the topic of bundles, we would have also included a low profile bracket since the fact it’s a low profile card.