To cater to users who want to enjoy true HD audio and video in their very homes, ASUS has released the ASUS Digital Home System A33.

This Digital Home System integrating a HiFi 5.1 channel amplifier with the HDMI interface to deliver top-notch sound and visual effects for a true multimedia entertainment experience.

ASUS Digital Home System A33

Versatility with HD formats
Designed to be the multimedia center of living or Audio rooms, the A33 allows seamless compatibility with most users’ current audio, video and Bluetooth devices; on the top of its varied support of the latest HD audio formats including SACD Hybrid, DVD Audio, HDCD, and XRCD – providing up to 24 bit/ 192KHz sample rates to deliver superior sound performance. It also supports the 802.11n wireless standard, and can easily transmit or download a 30-minute HD video in a minute without any lag – six times the speed of 802.11g standards!

5 Pre-set EQ Modes for Easy Audio Optimization
Not content with simply satisfying listeners’ needs for refined sound quality, the A33’s class D digital amplifier with an SNR of 100dB+ facilitates easy audio optimization settings. For example, the intelligent room equalizer automatically configures the amplifier setting to best complement the surroundings and speaker placement with just one touch on the controller. A perfect audio setting is thus derived without even requiring professional speaker setting knowledge. Besides this, 5 pre-set EQ modes comprising of Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classic and Live music are ready made and available for users at a touch. Another useful feature – Midnight Mode, allows the conversation vocals of movies to be clearly heard while reducing the background sound effects so as not to bother others who sleeping at night.

ASUS Digital Home System A33

High Resolution 1080i Images
On top of superior audio performance, the A33 supports HDMI output – providing high resolution 720p/1080i image displays and exquisite audio presentation. In regards to TV management, the A33 comes with an EPG (electronic program guide) and two channel TV tuner cards. The former makes quick program searches/reviews and series pre-recording settings extremely intuitive and easy; while the latter enables simultaneously recording two channels or the viewing of one channel while recording another.

Far-end Access to Home Live TV
With the A33 at home, users will no longer worry about missing any sport games or TV shows broadcasted in their home country. The Broadcast On-the-go function allows users access to home live TV programs or movies, music, photos and important business files stored in the A33 via any Internet applicable device such as 3G phones or notebooks.

User-Friendly 3-in-1 Remote

All the functions mentioned above are easily accessible with the 3-in-1 IR remote control. With a track ball design, it provides an easy browsing experience and swift shifting between the amplifier, computer and media center functions. The keypad incorporates the advanced RF 2.4G wireless technology, permitting convenient system control from 30 feet away. Whats more, the color 2.4 TFT display on the front panel displays the clock and real-time system information such as movie or song titles – allowing users up-to-date information.

This innovative digital home media center not only brings quality HD theater experiences back home, but also makes users’ multimedia management and enjoyment even more convenient and delightful.

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