Samsung develops GDDR5 memory at 6Gbps
Samples of Samsung’s new GDDR5 chip have been delivered to major graphic processor companies last month and mass production is expected in the first half of 2007.

Spiral Splatter Creations
Quirting paint on a spinning piece of paper.

Insect computer mouse
Computer mouse with a real bug inside.

Guinness World Records: The Most Expensive Perfume in the World
One ounce costs about 26-hundred dollars.

Canon G9 Review
The Canon PowerShot G9 is currently the 12th best selling camera on

A Wireless Camera Powered By Fluorescent Lights
NEC will be showing off a new wireless camera at iExpo2007 in Tokyo this week that actually draws its power from a fluorescent bulb.

BMW uses Internet Protocol underhood
MW engineers used a standard PC and connected it up to the expected gear — ECUs, engine and chassis control systems, even a multimedia server for the entertainment system.

Robots Battle
Robots from around Japan have been competing for the title strongest two-legged robot in the world.

A tie with flexible display

In the future, applications of flexible display will be expanded to our daily life ranging from a tie, a hat, a wallet and other small lifestyle products.

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