Super Computing 2007
Cray XT5, SiCortex Blade and other crazy computers.

No Brainer Toy Game
Shake or nod your head to answer the questions

Cup Phonograph Kit
Unit allows you to record your voice through a cup onto another one and also plays it back!

IBM tries to stop Asus imports over patent violations
and this is how Asus responses

Under $1,500 Apple notebook
An actual ship date for the product is unknown…

Sleep with Yoda!
Star Wars Yoda Pillow

Skull waterglobe’s got attitude

The skull waterglobe sells for $50.

$40,000 Glass Center Channel
The gorgeous looking center speaker flaunts the midranges and tweeter on the top section and can be adjusted to the finest position for 4:3 and 16:9 viewing configurations, besides a 5-channel audio.

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