Sand Drawings Animation

FireWire Speeds Set to Quadruple
The speed of FireWire is set to quadruple next year after the group behind it announced a new specification for the networking interface.

Sharing presentations on the web
Upload your ppt presentation and embed on your website. Free!

COR Insulin Wristwatch
The European Space Agency is reporting that technology originally developed for its space program has now been implemented in a novel futuristic-looking insulin pump.

Shotgun Shell Lights
A fun way to decorate your home.

Swarovski Christmas Tree in Toronto

Pink Sharp AQUOS W61SH
This color burn my eyes!

Halo Ultraviolet Vacuum
The Halo Ultraviolet Vacuum ($500) is the first vacuum to use UV-C light to kill unseen bacteria and germs hiding in your carpet and flooring.

Handheld SNES Console Is Wooden

Android In the Wild
First gorgeous shot of an Google Android prototype in the wild.

USB to Carry HD Video with DRM
The technology allows developer to implement HDMI existing HDCP layer on top of the new USB variant.

Take That Internet TV
A cheap alternative to the Apple TV.

Create a Virtual Xmas Tree E-card
Grow an Xmas Tree is an interactive site that helps you create your very own personalized Christmas-tree e-card.

Bug stickers in your stocking

USB Duplicator
Why not a device that can copy many flash drives?

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