The Traveler IQ Challenge
Do you know Geography?

Buttery Shortbread Cookies
On Google official blog…

The People Inside Google’s Black Box
Another way we do it [improve the quality of search results] is to randomly select specific queries and hire people to say how good our results are.

Duke Nukem Forever trailer to hit the Web today

Folks, eternity has come to an end: 3D Realms, that magical land where time passes slower than anywhere else in the Universe, have finally announced that the first teaser-trailer with our favorite alien-ass kicking, chick-saving blond hero is about to emerge.

LG BH200 Super Blu Blu-Ray HD DVD Combo Player
Super BluPlayer Plays both Blu-Ray and HD DVD High Defintion Disc Formats with more than Twice the Resolution of Standard DVD Discs

How to make an Android

Plasma Car
How it works? Someone to explain me!

Pajama Warmer
This remember me about an Seinfeld episode when Kramer put his TShirt in the oven to warm it.

Scientists Discover Giant Rat
Researchers have discovered a giant rat.

Dosugus cushion
Dosugus cushion looks like a display with DOS directories on it.

Ubuntu Box
So ugly!

HOW TO – Make a Bristlebot a tiny directional vibrobot made from a toothbrush!

One toothbrush, a battery, and a pager motor.

wi-fi detector watch finds free signals
This wristwatch not only tells the time, but can help you figure out the strength of the closest wireless signal.

Buffalo SHD-UHRS 100GB External SSD
This new 100GB SSD external drive from Buffalo perfectly fits the bill.

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