RAIDON-SSD RAID ready Solution is officially introduced to the customers on December and will be available on January. SSD have several unique features, such as small dimensions for limited space, high mobility, or certain specific environment. Therefore, SSD is widely applied to laptops, ultra-thin PC, other mobile device and industrial market.

RAID ready SSD Solution

The impressed differences between RAIDON-SSD Solution and other SSD products are removable design and two types of SSD Solution. One is SF2020-2F-S1, enabling to be embedded two CF cards and to set RAID1 mode for backup or NRAID mode for maximizing the capacity; the other one is SF2010-1F-S1, enabling to be embedded one CF card for storage. The removable design enables to be populated with different capacity CF cards as you need.

RAIDON-SSD, using CF card as storage, holds the same features with CF card—shock prevention, making no noise, low power consumption, and high/low temperature resistance—which are helpful for securing data and information and operating system durably. Moreover, its reading comprehension is better than conventional hard disks. Therefore, for whom concern about hard disk stability and data recovery but require smaller capacity in industrial fields, RAIDON-SSD is the best choice which meets your current needs and future requirement.

RAIDON-SSD provides two types of options: SF2020-2F-S1 supports RAID1 for backup and NRAID for maximizing the capacity as big as you need; SF2010-1F-S1 is simply for storage. Both of them support SATA 1.5GHz interface and are only compatible with UDMA Mode CF cards.

RAIDON-SSD is applicable to internal storage for IPC, MIS, Digital Video Surveillance and mobile device (ex: military storage).


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