Pavonine announced today their new generation of 3D displays called Miracube.

3D Displays let the viewer experience movies, animations, games or other visual content with astonishing out-of-screen and depth effects. The effect is known to many people from 3D movie theaters and amusement parks, but Miracube Displays will bring this experience into the living room.

3D Displays

With 3D feature film and animation production taking off and the increased informational value being recognized in fields from CAD design to medical imaging, 3D is the exciting next step in the evolution of display technology.

Miracube 3D LCD Displays feature a wide range of user options that make 3D viewing as easy and enjoyable as never before. All displays can be switched between 2D and 3D, and incorporate a special 3D Formatter technology that is compatible with the major 3D content formats. Also, the 3D is completely flicker-free and keeps a high resolution image. The viewers can also move around the screen without any restrictions.

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