Neuros OSD connects to your TV or home theater system and allows you to archive all of your DVD, VHS tapes and video content.

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Plug the Neuros OSD into your TV, and connect it to your DVD Player or VCR. Your movie will be safely and legally transferred into a digital library! Just plug your video camera into the Neuros OSD, push play, and your memories are digitized.

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With the Neuros OSD, you can store hundreds of hours of video in one location (like an external hard drive), get rid of those bulky cases, put an end to DVD damage, and instantly access any of your videos with the push of a button on a remote. You can even transfer your video content to a portable device (video iPod, PSP, mobile phone, etc.) to watch on the go, or email your home movies to friends and family.

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The Neuros OSD records in the standard and open MP4 format compatible with a wide range of devices. Videos recorded with the Neuros OSD can not only be played a TV set using the OSD as a player, but can also be viewed on PC/Laptops and popular PMPs like the iPod/Nano/iPhone, the PSP, smartphones etc…


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The good news: The Neuros OSD exists as a collaborative effort between community developers and dedicated full-time Neuros internal developers. There are three main areas where everybody can help: documentation, implementation, and testing, all defined broadly.

In terms of documentation, you are not limited to just document what has been done, you are welcome to document what should be done as well, although the latter is usually done in the form of discussion.

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For implementation, you are welcome to experiment with the OSD Gamma units and contribute your new designs, also feel free to download Neuros OSD source code and add new features or fix bugs.

PCNews Verdict: 10/10 A open source media center? I just love the idea!

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