SALAGAR Sonics, today unveiled three new products to complement its recently launched SALAGAR Symphony S210 loudspeaker line.


True to the theme of Drop Dead Sound, the new self-powered products, the Sonnet S207, the Serenade S307 and the Sonata S212, together with the Symphony S210 make up SALAGAR’s unique Active Theater. Also in common with the Symphony S210, the Sonnet S207 and Serenade S307 include SALAGAR’s X-ACT auto-signal sensing, programmable digital crossover/controller feeding a pair of Bang & Olufsen ICEpower Class D amplifiers to drive the transducers.

The Sonnet S207 is effective as a surround speaker, main stereo speaker or as a compact stand mounted center channel, where space limitations may prevent the Symphony S210 and Serenade S307 from being used.

Although it uses the same internal amplifier module as the larger Symphony, the Sonnet S207 runs different DSP programs. As with the Symphony S210, these are switch selectable to optimize the speaker for a variety of room dynamics and/or input sources.

The horizontal format Serenade S307 has two 7″ mid-woofers matched to those of the Sonnet S207 and like the Sonnet and Symphony, it uses the Scanspeak AirCirc tweeter. The Serenade S307 also features SALAGAR’s variable wall thicknesses and brace structures for exceptional stiffness and inertness of the enclosure.

Also like the Sonnet and Symphony, the Serenade is equipped with the same SALAGAR internal amplifier module but here too, it runs different programming.

The balanced inputs on all the SALAGAR range also permit flexibility in speaker placement as cable length becomes a non-issue. “As a center channel, the Serenade S307 provides an ideal accompaniment to the Sonnets and Symphonies for home theater applications”, said Gary DiChiara, Co-founder and Vice President of SALAGAR Sonics, Inc. “We’re really thrilled to have the ability to reprogram the SALAGAR X-ACT and use identical hardware in such diverse products, and do it all in a world-beating development timescale”, he added.

Rounding out the lineup is the Sonata S212 subwoofer, which features an internal 500W amplifier and two 12″ drivers, one of which is passive. The Sonata S212 includes a direct LFE input as well as left and right stereo inputs that feed an adjustable parametric equalizer.

“We’re particularly pleased with the responsiveness and richness of bass we’ve achieved with the Sonata S212”, said DiChiara, “Using the passive radiator has allowed us to make a high-performance but compact design that is at home in both theater and music applications”, he added.

The Sonnet S207, Serenade S307 and Sonata S212 carry introductory retail prices of $6,999 per pair, $3,999 and $2,999 respectively. Each of the new products is available in the same variety of finishes announced in October for the Symphony S210; six different wood finishes and eight automotive grade paint finishes in all. For an up-charge, SALAGAR will also customize its finishes according to customer specification.

Speaker stands are also available for the Sonnet and Serenade and are sold separately and range from US$175 to US$999 per pair.

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