Swedish tech company Tonium Laboratories unveil the Pacemaker, the world’s first professional pocket-sized DJ system, first of its kind anywhere in the world.


For the first time in history, everyone can have the power to create their own music. Imagine walking into a party with every record you own in your pocket, stored on the huge 120GB Pacemaker hard drive, plugging into the nearest sound system and DJ’ing like a professional. Envision the next time you’re on a bus or subway, instead of simply listening to your music you can completely interact with it, creating mixes of your favorite tunes, beat
matching and using effects; the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

While Pacemaker is a product that speaks to fans of dance and electronic music, this ground breaking device will capture the imaginations of all music fans. Pacemaker will allow you to create mixes of any musical style, giving you the ability to seamlessly mix between tracks and to produce new sounds. What was once thought to be exclusively available to DJs and producers is now readily available to everyone.

Pacemaker allows two tracks to be played simultaneously and boasts all the functionality of a full, professional DJ set up. The intelligent software will automatically work out the BPMs (beats per minute) of each of your tracks, enabling you to quickly learn to match the beats between two tracks and create a DJ mix. Pacemaker works with both PC and MAC and supports all the major audio formats including MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG and FLAC files.

Inventor of Pacemaker and founder of Tonium, Jonas Norberg comments, “We’re out to try something different; to bring people closer to the music they love and to let music lovers be creative with their passion. We aim to increase the diversity and reinforce the value of music by offering new means for people like us to creatively engage in what we love!”

Pacemaker will also offer the Pacemaker Editor to its users; a free, downloadable PC and Mac compatible computer application that allows you to play music and edit and create mixes. You can download mixes you have created from Pacemaker, or upload mixes to it from the Pacemaker Editor. You have complete freedom to be as forward thinking as you like with your music.

Pacemaker will also offer its users a community platform to legally share their saved DJ mixes. This music sharing platform is one of the foundations of the Pacemaker philosophy, to let people express and share their creativity and find inspiration from others. There is more to come on this innovation in the very near future…In the meantime, please welcome Pacemaker, the next step in the music interaction revolution.

SIZE AND WEIGHT – Length 164/ Width 69.6/ Height 22.8 mm – Weight: 200 g

CAPACITY – 120 GB hard drive

INPUT AND OUTPUT – Mini USB – 2×3.5 mm stereo plug

POWER AND BATTERY – Exchangeable rechargeable battery; full-charge time: 1.5 hrs, fast-charge time: about 1 hr – Music playback time: 18 hrs – DJ; operating time: 5 hrs

DISPLAY – Dimensions: 45 mm – Resolution: 166 dpi screen resolution (0.153 mm dot pitch) – TFT display with 262 K colors

AUDIO – Frequency response: 20-20.000 Hz (SNR: 103 dB) – Audio formats supported: MP3, AAC, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, WAV

DJ FUNCTIONALITY – Two output channels: headphones and lineout – Twocrossfaders: headphones and lineout – Pitch control: +/- 100% – Equalizer: for adjusting treble, mid and bass amplitudes. – Mix saving: continuous caption to hard drive. – User Input latency: approx. 5 ms

PCNews Verdict: 10/10Pacemaker really brings DJ’ing to the masses.

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