TwinMOS announces the new-generation fingerprint identification Mobile Disk F2 which extends the highest capacity to 32GB.

TwinMOS fingerprint identification Mobile Disk F2

TwinMOS equips the second -generation fingerprint identification Mobile Disk F2 with a biometric fingerprint technology to encrypt data in order to protect important data for consumers.

After plugging the F2 Mobile Disk in a USB port on a desktop or laptop and gently slide the finger over the sensor, consumers can start all functions on the F2. Furthermore, nobody but the owner of the F2 can start it. This way, consumers can prevent data being stolen or avoid forgetting password. Additionally, the F2 can be partitioned into encrypted and public sections.

Users can apply the fingerprint identification technology to ensure the absolute security of confidential data stored in the encrypted section. In the public section, consumers can store common data for the public to assess. This way, both data security and sharing can be achieved at the same time.

Mobile Disk F2 synchronization functions can automatically update the email records in Microsoft Office Outlook from the computer and record long website address, website data in the My Favorites Section of Microsoft Internet Explorer and bookmarks in Firefox. Its quick browsing and automatic login of the most visited websites features can effectively save time for recording and searching. Therefore, it is also an ideal personal file management assistant for professional users.

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